Price City Designated a Healthy Utah Community


Through the Main Street America Coalition, the opportunity for Price City to become a Healthy Utah Community was born. This is an opportunity that is important to Representative Christine Watkins and other leaders within the city.

When Sara Braby with the Southeast Utah Health Department attended her first Main Street America Coalition meeting, Rep. Watkins introduced the topic. Braby was then asked to assist with the process. There are many requirements to become a Healthy Utah Community, many of which involve the health department, making it a nice fit for Braby, who was happy to contribute.

Having this designation means that Price City and its leaders, including Mayor Mike Kourianos and the members of the city council, have made a commitment to health, both physically and mentally.

Currently, the coalition is working on different projects and ideas that introduce a health component into a large number of the events and activities that are planned for community members residing within the city. This allows the community to have access to healthy foods, spaces and events, as well as opportunities for physical activities.

This designation may also open up opportunities for Price City to obtain grant funding that will further enhance the area in terms of both physical and mental wellness.

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