Price City Mayor Highlights Ordinance to Assist Snow Plows


Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos presented during the safety seconds portion of the recent city council meeting, which took place on Wednesday evening.

He highlighted an ordinance regarding overhanging trees, which is pertinent for the upcoming winter weather. With the snowy months upon us, it will be important for motor vehicles, the snow plows in particular, to be able to maneuver the roads properly.

There are a number of trees that overhang and impede the travel of vehicles. These branches will need to be removed and Mayor Kourianos explained that the overhang is a violation of the Land Use Development and Management Code and has been brought to his attention.

The homes that have problematic trees will be informed that they are in violation. The mayor explained that if trucks are able to go under the trees and clear the snow, then there is no issue. However, he wishes to ensure that they are taking care of their responsibility of having the roads clear in order for the United States Postal Service and residents to reach mailboxes.

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