Price City Receives Audit Report


During the Price City Council meeting last week, the council was visited by a representative of Larson & Company for a presentation of the fiscal year 2022 audit report.

It was stated that most of the work for the audit had been completed before the end of the year, though there were a few things to fine tune. It was issued in the beginning of January and submitted to the state. However, the representative left the country and was not able to visit until now.

For the majority of the conversation, the representative of Larson & Company focused on how the audit report changed format, as he wished to update the council on a number of items in the report.

He stressed that the opinion of the report is an unmodified opinion and that the financial statements are correct. The basis for opinion outlines guidance and Larson & Company found that Price City continues to follow government auditing standards.

From there, he outlined the duties of the audit report. The representative’s job through the report is to verify what is being reported in the financial records. He also took time to commend the city’s employees, stating that he has encountered no problems in working with them through the auditing process and that he enjoys the staff.

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