Price City Recognizes USUE’s Greg Dart


Photo courtesy of Mike Kourianos

During the most recent Price City Council meeting, the council hosted a recognition and presentation to honor Greg Dart of USU Eastern. Dart is leaving his position as associate vice president and chief campus administrator on June 30.

To begin, Mayor Mike Kourianos explained that the council wished to recognize the years of service Dart has put forth and what he has accomplished for the community. He then said that there are not enough words to explain Dart’s dedication to the community.

From the airport to 300 East and all of the different projects that Dart has been part of, the council wished to congratulate him on his new position that is taking him out of the area, though it is with a heavy hearts. Dart will be truly missed, the mayor explained, and he did a lot for the city.

The council members echoed these sentiments, stating that Dart has been dedicated and his time and effort has been outstanding. It was said that the council appreciated all that Dart has done and that his contribution is immeasurable.

Dart stated that in speaking with other cities and entities in regard to partnerships and working relationships, the bond between Price City and USU Eastern is the model. Because of local leadership, much has been accomplished, and due to that, Dart returned the appreciation.

Dart will assume his role as president of Western Nebraska Community College this summer. He stated that he is excited for his new opportunity, but that he and his family will miss Price. With that, the mayor presented Dart with a plaque of recognition.

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