Price Planning and Zoning Commission Members Reappointed


During the Price City Council meeting that was hosted on Wednesday evening, the council tackled the consideration and possible approval of the reappointment of Jan Young, Todd Thorne and Judy Beacco to the Price City Planning and Zoning Commission.

Both Beacco and Young were present during the meeting, during which the council approved the reappointments. Following this, the two were sworn in by Price City Recorder Jaci Adams. Thorne was unable to be in attendance during the meeting and will be sworn it at a later date.

Beacco and Young solemnly swore to support, obey and defend the constitution of the United States of America, the constitution of the state of Utah and the ordinances of Price City. They also swore to discharge the duties of their office with fidelity.

Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos thanked the members of the Price City Planning and Zoning Commission for what they are doing and all of the help that they provide.

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