Price Planning Commission Welcomes 2 New Members


Photo courtesy of Terry Willis

The Price City Council hosted its second meeting for the month of October on Wednesday evening. The meeting began with the safety seconds, which were presented by Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos.

With the holiday rapidly approaching, the mayor focused on the importance of safety on Halloween. He stated that it is prudent to ensure that the trick or treaters be well and easily identifiable when they are out and about and to be cautious of traffic while crossing the streets. He cautioned parents to inspect candy and ensure that the wrappers have not been tampered with.

Then, the subject of the annual planning commission appointments arose. Nick Tatton explained that each year, a few positions on the planning commission rotate through openings. This year, there was one renewal of term and a couple of new members.

The reappointment was for Richard Root, while the new members were Kyle Heffernan and Renae Swinburne. Tatton stated that he believes these individuals will represent the community well.

They were then invited to the podium to conduct the oath of office ceremony, which was led by Price City Recorder Sherrie Gordon. Following the ceremony, each of the new members were asked to sign the oath in front of the council and audience members.

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