Sackett Waives Preliminary Hearing, Arraignment Date Set


Former Emery County employee Cardell Sackett appeared in front of 7th District Court Judge George Harmond Wednesday morning.

Represented by attorney Mark Tanner, Sackett waived his right to a preliminary hearing. Judge Harmond set an arraignmentВ date for 9 a.m. April 2.

Judge Harmond released Sackett on his own recognizance with a few stipulations. Sackett is to remain in his home and only leave theВ premisesВ for continued medical attention from the court-appointed physician’s assistant, Lowell Morris. Sackett may also leave for employment obligations only if he reports the employment address to the sheriff’s department beforehand.

Judge Harmond explained his decision for Sackett to remain with the court-appointed medical staff was to allow the defendant to continue current medications on a drug treatment program monitored by Morris. The concern for continued prescription intake was made apparent during the court appearance.

According to Tanner, Sackett is still taking prescribed medication for an ongoing medical problem. Due to this fact, Judge Harmond ordered that Sackett be randomly drug tested and that only prescribed medications should be identified in the tests.

Secondary charges not specified during the court hearing were also made known. Sackett agreed to have arraignment hearings for the secondary charges coupled with the original charges. Appearing calm, Sackett agreed to the terms and waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

Sackett, 55, was arrested March 8 after a month’s long investigation into his allegedВ involvement in selling prescription medication. He has beenВ charged with four first-degree felonies, four second-degree felonies, and one third-degree felony, all associated with distribution of a controlled substance in a drug-free zone.


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