Ninth Graders Say Their Farewells to San Rafael Junior High *Photo Gallery*


By Rachel Roberts

On Tuesday evening, San Rafael Junior High sent off another year of ninth graders. Class officer and honor student Carlie Robinson welcomed family, friends and students to the program. Honor students Mileena McElvaney, Samantha Roberts, Landon Fairbanks, Hayden Cloward, Riata Christiansen and Samantha Morgan also addressed the audience.

Music was provided by talented students Malone Moss and Hannah Morris, who performed a piano duet titled “Power Play.” The ninth grade chorus students also entertained the audience with their performance of “Homeward Bound.”

Principal Doug Mecham was the final speaker. He honored the top performing students in various subjects, such as language arts, math, science and art, after which the honor students, those who maintained 4.0 GPAs for all three years of junior high, received awards. The evening was concluded with a video presentation with various pictures of the ninth grade students. Following the program, friends and family members were encouraged to peruse art and FACS projects set up in the commons area while enjoying refreshments.

The departing ninth grade class of 2015:

Students who maintained a 4.0 GPA for 7th, 8th, and 9th grades:

Riata Christiansen, Hayden Cloward, Landon Fairbanks, Mileena McElvaney, Samantha Morgan, Samantha Roberts, Carlie Robinson

Students who achieved a 4.0 GPA for 9th grade:

Preslee Bringhurst, Elexis Dalton, Addison Healy, Ian Hughes, Abbie Huntington, Jenna Oldroyd

3.9-3.7 GPA:

Brinn Beckstead, Jimmy Behling, Corben Bloomer, Kaytlyn Farley, Lexi Gale, Malone Moss, Brooklynn Olsen, Danyale Service, Tyler Silliman, Kammi Swasey, Lynda Taylor, Colton Willson

Tanyon Allred, Jason Archibald, Thomas Behling, Emalee Bott, Jeffry Boyer, Jaiden Boyle-Jorgensen, Elece Burr, Tyler Butler, Dawsen Byars, Kasen Caldwell, Tabitha Carter, Aria Clark, Claire Clark, Zachary Curtis, Josie Dale, Donavin Daniels, Gregory Dulude, Cory Freeman, Ty Funk, Shaun Giroux, Isaac Hardee, Dylan Hardman, Ashleigh Higbee, Drake Hoffman, Brooklyn Holt, Darrin Hooley, Justyne Jackson, Shaylee Jewkes, Draken Krompel, Jace Lake, Jonica Marvin, Riley Mitcheson, Tyler Morris, Nathen Ore, Clint Payne, Shayla Peacock, Amanda Peterson, Kiana Pittman, Joseph Price, Aaron Reeve, Ricky Robertson, Parker Sermon, Collin Shay, Jewel Sitterud, Nathaniel Smith, Jared Snow, Wayne Sorensen, Jorgia Stover, Larissa Thompson, Robert Todd, Hunter Van Buren, Sebastian Vieira, Hunter Whaley, Sierra Williams, Dakota Wright

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