Santa Approved to Fly in Price this Christmas


The final Price City Council meeting for the 2021 year was hosted on Wednesday evening. Councilwoman Terry Willis began the meeting with the safety seconds, which are presented each meeting to ensure a cautious community.

Councilwoman Willis stated that, with Christmas approaching, many focus on the happy times ahead. However, she cautioned that everybody needs to be mindful that this can be one of the hardest times of the year for some members of the community. Councilwoman Willis stated that it is hard to know what people are going through.

She urged all to pay attention, look around and reach out. “And above all, be as kind as you can to everybody you meet,” Councilwoman Willis stated. She also stressed that mental health is important and asked all to take a little extra time and care for one another.

Following this important and heartfelt message, the yearly need to approve an air space permit for Santa Claus was addressed. Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos stated that it was the most important item on the agenda that evening.

This permit would allow Santa Claus to use the air space above Price City to deliver toys and goodies to the children of the area late on the evening of Dec. 24 as well as the early morning hours of Dec. 25. Naturally, the council was eager to approve this permit, allowing Santa use of the space for the holidays.

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