Sgt. Rick Adams Named Carbon County Employee of the Month


Photo Courtesy of Tina Grange

The honor for the final Carbon County Employee of the Month for 2023 went to Carbon County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) Sgt. Rick Adams. The nomination for Sgt. Adams, which came through anonymously, stated that he slipped into the new role and is supportive, attends many events, and is very involved.

Sgt. Adams, who has been employed with the county since 1998, is credited as always willing to jump in and do the job. CCSO Sheriff Jeff Wood stated that Sgt. Adams is the day sergeant over the school resource officers and the county animal shelter, wearing more hats than anyone around.

“It’s an anonymous nomination, but it’s a unanimous nomination,” stated Sheriff Wood.

Sheriff Wood went on to say that Sgt. Adams is an easy guy to get along with, before the sergeant stated that it is easy to do more than you have to when you work for a great place. Sgt. Adams accepted the nomination and expressed his appreciation.

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