Six is A Magic Number


ETV News Stock Photo

The Lady Dinos took a trip southeast on Tuesday as their region schedule continued. Once they arrived in Moab, Carbon immediately got to work. The Dino attack was fierce in the early going, leading to 5-0 lead at the break. Carbon coasted in the second half and returned home winners, 6-0.

It marked the second straight game that the Dinos won by six goals. They also had an impressive 36 shots in the contest. The scoring was lead by freshman Bailey Johnson with two goals and one assist.

Meanwhile, Kinley Cowdell added a goal and two assists while Beverly Lancaster and Shalyce Rahaula each scored once and found a teammate for a score. In a surprising turn, starting goalie Emma Flemett showed her verticality by netting her first goal of the season.

Carbon (8-3-1, 3-1) will wrap up the week with a crucial road match against Canyon View (9-3, 5-0).

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