Tate Engleman Named Firefighter of the Year


Photo by Rilee Alvarado

By Robin Hunt

The Green River Fire Department named Tate Engleman as its firefighter of the year. Engleman is the son of former chief Philip Engleman, who passed away three years ago after 37 years of dedicated service.

“My dad is the whole reason why I’m in the department,” Engleman said. “And I have stayed on because it gives me some connection to him still.” 

Engleman has served as a firefighter for nearly four years. He serves with the current chief, Ben Lehnhoff, who was just recognized for his 20 years of service. 

“Tate has given a great deal of his personal time for training this year,” Lehnhoff said. “And has given his all to help people in their time of need.” 

Engleman and Lehnhoff work with the other members of the Green River Fire Department to serve the community. They participate in Green River events, including the decoration of a giant Christmas tree for the city, which is stationed on Broadway. 

It is there, beside the tree, that the fire department has invited Santa to visit with the Green River community on Dec. 24 at 12 p.m.

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