Trent Anderson Named Temporary Wellington City Police Chief


Wellington City Attorney John Schindler address the Wellington City Council during a special meeting on Thursday.

On Thursday evening during a special meeting, the Wellington City Council named a temporary police chief while current chief Rory Bradley is on unpaid administrative leave. Former Helper City Police Chief Trent Anderson will fill the temporary role pending the process of a personnel action against Bradley.

“Wellington City is contracting with Trent Anderson to act as the interim chief until Wellington City determines the best direction for the police department,” said Wellington City Mayor Paula Noyes. “I want to thank Trent for working with Wellington City on a temporary, short-term basis as someone to handle the administrative functions of the police department.”

On March 18, it was reported that Chief Bradley had been placed on paid administrative leave. He was later placed on unpaid leave due to an ongoing investigation. The details of the investigation have not been released due to the ongoing nature of the case.

During Thursday’s special meeting, Wellington City Attorney John Schindler advised the council to make a motion for “necessary and appropriate disciplinary action” regarding Bradley to take place. Bradley, who also serves on the council alongside his father, was not present in the meeting. A motion was made and passed for the disciplinary action with Bradley’s father voting against the action.

It was also decided during the meeting to form a committee to receive input on the direction of the police department. It was explained that this committee will work to determine the most effective and feasible way for the Wellington City Police Department to operate.

It was stated that input can come from the council as well as local law enforcement and community members. Three options that seem feasible include contracting with Carbon County for patrols, hiring two full-time officers or continuing with a chief to serve as the main law enforcement for the city.

Mayor Noyes also took time to thank those who have assisted during the time that Bradley has been on leave. She extended appreciation to the city’s reserve officers as well as Price City’s Kelly Maynes, Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood and Carbon County deputies.

The meeting then entered into an executive session “to discuss the character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of an individual.” This meeting was closed to the public.

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