Utah House District 69 Representative Candidates Tackle Tough Issues at Meet the Candidates


The latter installment of the second Castle Country Radio Meet the Candidates night on Tuesday featured Utah House District Representative hopefuls Christine Watkins and Tim Glenn. Watkins, who is the current representative, has served in the position for the past six years and expressed that she loves it. Glenn, who has a Master’s degree in U.S. History, expressed his desire to improve the state and believes he began already in his town of Green River.

Beginning the questions was “What can you do as legislature to bring more jobs?” Watkins answered first, stating that one thing is to provide funding and request appropriations. She also believes that supporting communities in what they want to do is key. Glenn remarked that looking into economic diversification is very important. Also, investigating better opportunities for startups was deemed important to Glenn.

A hot topic in the state of Utah, Proposition 2 (the marijuana initiative) was presented to the candidates, who were asked whether or not they were in favor. Watkins answered that she has supported every marijuana bill that has come through and supports Prop. 2, fully aware that some changes need to be made. Glenn also answered in the affirmative, stating that he is fully supportive as well. Prop. 2, to Glenn, is important for people’s health and is an area where people should be allowed to make choices for themselves. Glenn also stated that studies have shown that areas that have access to medical cannabis see a definitive drop in opioid use, which is at an alarming rate in Carbon County and throughout Utah.

The candidates were also asked about their ideas on how to make Highway 6, one of the deadliest highways in the state, safer. Glenn believes that the highway is about not only safety, but economic development and stated that four lanes would benefit many communities in Utah that access the highway. Watkins informed those listening that she attends many meetings where the danger is expressed and believes that huge improvements have been made thus far and is one that is constantly on the state official’s radars.

Closing out the evening, Watkins concluded by stating she should be the choice vote due to her value in education, her seniority and her love for rural Utah. Glenn encouraged voters to choose him on Nov. 6 because of his motivation to help the communities and his new voice and experience as a historian.

Don’t miss Oct. 16’s Meet the Candidate’s event, which will take place at the USU Eastern student center as Carbon County Commissioner hopefuls Ed Chavez, Larry Jensen and Cheryl Lupo are highlighted. Questions for the candidates can be submitted to election2018@koal.net.

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