Wellington City Council Receives Update on OHV Trail


The Wellington OHV trail has been an ongoing project for over one year now. Former Wellington City Mayor Joan Powell visited the current council during both their work and regular meetings on Nov. 24 to present an update on the project.

This trail will be two miles long and will give access to the city’s pond as well as connection with other trails. It will be located at the back of the Knight-Ideal Pond.

Powell stated that she had previously organized everything that has been done and submitted, including hours, receipts, donations and more. It was also explained that there is an upcoming need to apply for more grant money since after reviewing the records, Powell admitted she forgot that it runs through the fiscal year rather than the calendar year.

Powell discussed what is still needing to be accomplished on the trail before the opening. She said that the grant period opens Dec. 1 and closes later that month, making now the time to apply.

Wellington City Recorder Gracie Procarione then explained that there is a fund that Powell will be able to access. She would just need to formally visit the city council and request the use of the funds. This was approved later in the evening during the regular meeting.

It was also announced that the city has taken responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep on the trail. For protection, signs regarding riders accepting responsibility and clear speed limits were discussed.

At this point in time, the projected opening for the Wellington OHV trail is slated for the end of May.

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