Carbon County Sheriff Addresses Class of 2022

By Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood
It was such an honor to have the opportunity to speak to the Carbon High School class of 2022 at their graduation ceremony. I want to thank the faculty and staff of Carbon High and the school board for allowing me a few minutes to share my thoughts with the graduates.
The future of our community is in the hands of these young people and I feel safe to say our community is in good hands. A graduation ceremony is always such a special occasion; the culmination of years of hard work, the completion of goals that were set and the acknowledgement of successes achieved. This is the end of an era for our graduates and the beginning of a new chapter in life.
I must say that with graduation comes great responsibility and I commend the graduating class of 2022 for practicing responsibility in celebrating this accomplishment. There were no juvenile issues reported or discovered by law enforcement over the weekend and this makes me feel proud.
It is now time to focus on summer events. I want to remind everyone to take the time to wear your seatbelts while driving this year. Law enforcement is enhancing efforts to enforce this issue as we enter into the 100 most deadly days on Utah’s roads. This is a statewide initiative and we will be participating on a local level.
We are planning an active shooter training opportunity on June 16 at the high school. This has been planned for several months. This will be a great opportunity for local law enforcement to practice tactics necessary to engage in this type of situation.
I want to inform the public of the efforts that have been made to protect our local schools, as this is a top priority for local law enforcement. We have designed scenarios based on real life situations that will give officers more experience as to what they could expect in this type of situation. We have found that there is a big difference between training and real life experience and want to give local law enforcement as many opportunities to train in real life scenarios as possible. I will provide more information on this training as it gets closer to that date.
Summer is a good time to enjoy the outdoors in our county. Carbon County is a great place to play and enjoy time with family and friends. Please be careful and enjoy the outdoors in a safe and responsible manner.
I feel blessed to live in such a wonderful place and am grateful to serve in the office of sheriff. I appreciate all of the support this community provides for local law enforcement.
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