Carbon High School Sterling Scholars Recognized by Carbon School District


Carbon School District was pleased to recognize Carbon High School’s sterling scholar winners and participants during their April board meeting. These students previously traveled to Monticello High School to compete in the 2024 Southeast Region Sterling Scholar Awards in the beginning of March.

“I just wanna say how much all of these students dedicated their whole year to preparing for this, and we want to recognize all of them,” stated Carbon School District Superintendent Mika Salas.

The following students were recognized not only for winning in their respective fields, but for their overall participation, as there is so much time and energy that goes into becoming a Sterling Scholar.

Sterling Scholar Winners:

Ella Anderson (Family and Consumer Science), Fortune Ward (Forensics & Speech), Easton Humes (Skilled and Technology), Allie Smith (Science), Brooke Olson (Dance) and Cameron Jones (Social Science).

Sterling Scholar Runner-Ups:

Easton Hardy (Business and Marketing), Alex Atienzo Flores (Visual Arts), Spencer Hepworth (Music) and Rylan Pulsipher (Mathematics).

Sterling Scholar Participants:

Ada Bradford (English), Daylan Stanley (Computer Technology), Allison Wright (General) and Cooper Innes (Drama and Vocal Performance).

“These guys worked so hard, every single one of them spent hours and hours working on their portfolios. This is really tough competition, and they did a great job and it was privilege to work with you guys,” stated Lesley Davis, Carbon High School Teacher.


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