Citizens Express Concerns to Green River City Council


By Julie Johansen

To begin the Green River City Council meeting on Tuesday evening, Mayor Ren Hatt requested that citizens who wished to comment at the meeting sign in and try to keep their comments under three minutes. The first comment was to recognize Kathy Ryan for her 12 years of service on the Green River City Council. Ryan expressed appreciation to the city and the citizens who volunteer their time.

The next comment asked how the council intends to inform the citizens of Green River as to what is going on and how they intend to move forward. The comment included that most citizens have no idea what is going on, emphasizing that the council needs to be available to the city.

Other comments were about the sewer lagoons and uranium mines near the city, citing health and safety issues that could affect residents. Brief answers were given to both issues, stating that both industries were in the county, not the city, and annexation could increase city revenue. However, as for now, they are in the county.

A citizen from Moab voiced her opinion about the Western Uranium Project and how it could affect Grand County if approved. She felt that there is misleading information coming from these projects. Another comment was that there is so much unknown about lithium as the council was encouraged be careful until more is known about these projects.

As the comments ceased, the discussion turned to the adoption of the a resolution authorizing the public hearing regarding the revenue bonds for the sewer lines replacement in Green River City. The parameters resolution was approved.

A Planning and Zoning Proclamation was then discussed. It was stated that these minutes and happenings are posted on the Utah Public Notice website, but an email to the citizens or a newsletter was suggested. It was also noted that the city council is deciding body and it creates the transparency needed for public information.

Mineral processing extraction was then discussed and amended to be approved as a conditional use permit. A letter of recommendation to the processing plant for uranium and cobalt on the west end of Green River was then discussed. Following council comments about the importance of maintaining job security in the area and economic development in the city, it too was approved.

Mayor Hatt then made assignments to the council members for the coming year. The council members are Larry Packer, Ben Lehnhoff, Bo Harrison, Kent Nelson and new councilman Guy Webster.

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